The Transmasculine Pride Ring

a webring for trans men and all transmasculine people! this ring was created in homage to the FTM Pride Ring, with the goal of being more inclusive to all forms of transmasculine gender expression.

CONTACT EMAIL UPDATE: as of Feb. 16, 2024, the new email address to contact me regarding the webring will be!

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to join the ring, first

when your site has been added to the ring, you'll get an email back from me with a unique member ID.

after receiving your ID, add the following code somewhere between the

tags of your site's HTML:

finally, use the code below to add the ring widget to your site, wherever you'd like it to be. replace [YOUR ID] with the ID you received. IDs are case-sensitive and must be typed exactly as they appear in the email for the ring to work properly!

feel free to tweak this code to fit your site; the stylesheet is just there to make the ring widget look cute. you can even remove the divs if you want, or replace them with your own custom divs. just remember to keep the name of the ring and the navigation links so the ring functions as intended :)

if you need to update your member info, leave the ring, or have a question, just send an email to the same address listed above.

this ring was created with mincerafter42'S webring tutorial!